Friday, April 25, 2008


I've been thinking about this project for the last few weeks... hell, at this point, Months. Anyway, I keep getting drawn toward wanting to do something on nature, flowers or something like that. My recently aquired girlfriend is fairly active in trying to preserve a lot of the green space around cincinnati. I'm thinking this might be a good use for this project. I can help her out, by putting together a book that will help her show how great these spaces are. (I might also get her to let me use her camera a little bit. lol. I'm not w/o ulterior motives. )

Anyway, tonight I'm going to be walking some of this property with her. we'll both have our cameras with us. I'm thinking I might see if she wants to join in on the project... dual authorship is allowed, right?

Her friend Heather might be helpful in providing a bit of text as well. I wonder what kind of history I can dig up on this location?

Ok, I'm starting to delve into internal dialogs. Time to get some work done.
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insanenigma said...

recently acquired? I fell like some collectible. hehe. My mom saw this post today and mentioned it to me. That 'recently acquired' bit stuck out to her. lol.

Its been a bit since I checked out your blog since I see you all the time so I figure anythin you post I have already seen. If you want to tag team the book deal all you have to do is ask. The only thing would be is time. I hate being so busy. XP

Sparky said...

You bring up a good point there. I apologize.

In a pathetic attempt at my defense: I write all of these posts quickly, and don't think about them as much as I should.