Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Square

I was playing down at fountain square last thursday. (thanks Mary, Using your camera helps keep me sane.)

Anyway, thought this pic was cool. I want to go back sometime with a tripod so I can frame the shots better. I had to steady the camera on a wall to get the few shots I did.... Kind of limits the ability to frame a shot.
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Monday, May 12, 2008

cards 2



Oh! I forgot to ask for feedback. Please, leave comments. Which cards do you like, which don't you like, and why on both?
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Card Ideas





A few business card ideas I was working on today.

On a side note. My lovely girlfriend makes her debut on the blog in card number 3. oh, there are 2 more cards comming in the post following this one... which becasue it's a blog means they'll be above it. yay for picasa not uploading more than 4 shots.
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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Furry Animals, and the winner of the free print

To pick the winner of the free print I wrote each entrant's name on an identical piece of paper and dropped them on the floor. The odd one was the winner. Joe Adams landed up, Chris Chambers landed down, and Kjell Landed down. You guys should thank Mary for taking herself out of the running. She said she already had her fav. pic, and honestly... all she has to do to get any shot she likes is ask, and perhaps cover the cost if I'm really really poor.

Congrats dad..... Kjell, I was really tempted to rig the contest cause you're the only person who entered that I don't know offline, but I thought that'd be unfair to everyone else. I'd still love to swap prints with ya.
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