Monday, April 28, 2008

One Year Aniversary

I just realized that the one year anniversary of this blog is in 2 days. I thought I'd missed it. I thought it was later in the year when I started this blog. I think it celebration of 1 year I'll give away a print, just for fun. If you're interested in being the winner reply to this post, and you can pick any shot posted on the blog, and I'll print you up a copy.

Let's make the deadline for posting 1 week from today, so.... that'll be the 4th at midnight. (Don't worry, I'll still put your name in the drawing if you post before I get around to doing the actual drawing.)

I'm just going to put everyone's name into a hat, and pick one at random. Good luck.


Anonymous said...

if it were my choice i would have to say the photo of that little shit ankle biting furry thing that thinks he is mister pimp in the tux hehehe

Anonymous said...

Good Idea

insanenigma said...

I would totally go for it but you already printed me my favorite ^.^

Kjell H A said...

If it's free, I'm in :-)

Kjell H A said...

oo, I'm too late. Didn't notice :-(
How about a swap instead.

Sparky said...

extending the drawing. I get off work tonight around 9. The first thing I'm going to do is take care of this drawing, and announce the winner. You've got till then to enter.