Monday, December 15, 2008


I've been doing some playing in camera raw lately. I'm liking the results, and the added control in post.
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Samantha said...

Excellent shot Sparky and welcome to the dark side!

I started shooting and for the longest time ignored RAW format thinking it was too much work. Then I tasted RAW and the control and capability in it, and now, almost NEVER use anything except RAW. I use an inexpensive and powerful program called "Breeze Browser Pro" that will let me rip through an entire folder of RAW and punch out proofs fast. Lots of control in what it can do in terms of processing as it generates those proofs. From there I can decide what I want to play with and go from there.

Having come originally from a film background, I look at RAW files like negatives that really allow me to open up my options in post. Photoshop becomes a true, powerful digital darkroom. Everything I used to be able to do in the darkroom with chemicals, paper, water and light I now can do and more with Photoshop.

So like I say, welcome to the darkside... :-o)

insanenigma said...

Haven't checked this in awhile. I reallllly like what you did with this. It is an amazing shot.