Sunday, November 23, 2008

UC Clock Tower

couple of obscured shots. I know the bottom one breaks all kinds of rules, but rules were made to be broken.
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Samantha said...

The first shot is lovely, you did a great job of framing it up, and shot it just right to get the tower and the trees without blowing the highlights. Nice, really nice!

The second is a perfect example of a good shot in spite of the rules. It has real feeling and flavor to it, movement and depth that just speaks volumes. The fact that you've rendered it into B&W just adds to the feeling of it. Nice, really, really nice!

I've noticed you have a certain penchant for B&W. If I may be so bold, might I suggest you take a look at

I use his plugin myself and it allows me so much more power and creativity than what my camera and photoshop can do alone. Mind you my camera has four or five B&W modes to it, but I love the fact that I can get a TriX look from Fred's plug in... Basically all the old yummy B&W silver-halide films we though for ever are back thanks to Fred. He's got a whole bunch of other stuff over there that you might enjoy, plus forums that have regular exercises and competitions if you're of a mind.