Thursday, July 17, 2008

just to annoy Mary

Ok, this isn't really just to annoy Mary. I wish I could have gotten the web to show up a little better. Mary tried very hard to get this shot, and I was able to pull it off. I think if I had set up a tripod, and gotten a longer exposure, I might have been able to make the web show up better. If there was the slightest breeze that wouldn't work though.

I wonder what it would look like croped? or edited at all for that matter. I'll see if I can't find time to mess with that tomorrow.
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insanenigma said...

it looks blurry

Samantha said...

First, I hate bugs, those kind the worst!

That said the trick to shooting them is the same as with glass or mirrors, only in reverse. When shooting through glass, or a mirror, you want to hit the angle just right so you don't catch a reflection. In the case of web slingers, you want to move the POV so the web catches the light. You also, especially in this shot, need to watch the levels.

The 18% rule kinda cost you here, as the light meter exposed for the green background, you lost some of the highlights on the S----- and it's web. Stop the aperature down a half a stop, zoom in, expose for the S-----, use the AE lock to hold the exposure and then back out a piece to nail the web and the reflection by slighting shifting the POV. Bam! You'll have a perfect shot. All that green actually cost you some of the yellow in the S-----, and the highlights in the web.

The blur is I suspect, because the camera was trying to average the DOF, which also cost a bit of sharpness on the S-----. Again, zoom in, get a focus lock on the S----- (half press on the shutter) then zoom out to nail it. Basically the trick is you want to have one (or more) of the focus points half on, and half off the S---- itself, this will let the computer lock in the focus.

That said, it's still a nice shot.