Friday, June 8, 2007

more shots from the bike ride.

I can't decide which of these I like better. I do like the way the foreground is fuzzy, and the back ground which is seemingly nothing is in focus. I guess that's emphasized more in the 2nd one because of the apparatus right there. But, the first one reminds me of an old poem... something about being in the woods, and a fork in the road... and I took the one less traveled.
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insanenigma said...

The first one is my personal fav of the two. I feel can be taken in one of two ways. Either something that is wholeheartedly beautiful in the way the picture came out all together, or as a wonderful portrayal of the sad deterioration of the natural world. The beauty of the forest is cut through in order to improve convenience for mankind. Though at the same time the tracks themselves put on a morbid yet stunning display.

I feel this picture accomplished something that(I find) is a lot harder to do in color rather than with black and white. It turned something that could be viewed as ugly (the tracks) into something beautiful. Or at least, thats how I feel about it. :-)